Sushiwasabi Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 25th, 2015

Sushiwasabi will not sell, rent or give away your personal information. It is part of our company's core values that we will properly value and protect any information our customers entrust to us via our systems.

Customer information

All communication between the customer and Sushiwasabi systems is encrypted. Any confidential information that the user stores in our systems (e.g. AWS keys) is stored in an encrypted format.

Sushiwasabi's website uses cookies to simplify access to the website. Sushiwasabi doesn't store any private or confidential information in the cookie. If you don't want Sushiwasabi to use a cookie, this can be disabled from your browser.

When a customer stops using Sushiwasabi, its tenant and data will be deleted from Sushiwasabi's system. It'll take up to 60 days for the data to be completely removed from all systems and backups.

Information Collection and Aggregation

As part our internal QA and Reporting processes, we might collect and store relevant customer information, including first and last name, telephone number, postal address, and email address. In this case, Sushiwasabi will remove any personally identifiable information from it before handling them over to venders of employees.


All data transmitted from and to Sushiwasabi will be sent through encrypted channels. All private data stored in our servers will be encrypted prior to storage (passwords will be one-way hashed and salted). We relay on third party service providers for the physical security of our data centers. Their security processes include the use of firewalls, multi-factor security, including certificates, PINs and biometrics.


When this policy changes, we will post changes and updates on the site so that our customers are always aware of our current security and privacy practices.